The Design process

The journey through design can be overwhelming. Whether you are building from the ground up or ready for a small or large renovation, we are here to help. We work alongside architects and builders to create unique custom spaces for each of our clients. We take a methodical approach and follow our guide lines below on our projects.

Design Brief

The project scope and goals along with budgets and schedules are discussed during the initial phase. We also talk about overall function and style to best suit your needs.

Schematic Design

During this phase conceptual design imagery, materials and sketches are presented to get feedback from the client before going into design development.

Design Development

This is where we hone in on details and get more specific with design. We present actual materials, fittings, fixtures, hardware, basic elevations of all walls and floor-plans to insure we are on the correct path.

Construction Documentation

Once the client has signed off on the design, detailed drawings are prepared and presented to the contractor, architect and client. We work on architectural, flooring, electrical, reflected ceiling plans, elevations and any section drawings and schedules for more comprehensive details.

Project Administration

We attend site meetings and work with contractors and architects to ensure designs are being implemented correctly. We approve samples, installations and attend any subcontractor meetings that require feedback.

Furniture Curation

This is where it all comes together. If possible, we use any existing furnishings, art and accessories and elaborate by presenting new pieces. Once approved and ordered we track orders to ensure a smooth installation.


What is an Orangerie?

An Orangerie is similar to a greenhouse or conservatory. It originated in the 17th century to house and protect orange and other fruit trees during the winter months from cold weather.

When should I hire an interior designer?

We work alongside architects and contractors and strongly suggest contacting an interior designer at the beginning of the project when you are selecting your architect and contractor. We often see designers being hired too late and this can cause delays and be costly for the client.

Do we need to use your contractor or architect?

We will gladly work with your contractor, architect or trades people.
We are also happy to refer you to those who can help.

Do you travel out of state for projects?

Yes we do! It is one of the best parts of our job. We take the same approach mentioned above and work with general contractors and architects from a far.

What is the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator?

Interior designers have formal training and knowledge of architectural principles and work in the field during the construction phase. We are well versed with construction documents. Interior decorators help with furnishings/accessories, selecting paint colors and all soft goods in a home. Orangerie Home handles both interior architecture and design as well as decorating.

What is your design style?

While we are classically trained we believe the design style is dictated by the clients personality and the architecture of the home. We stay away from "trends" and always strive to provide timeless interiors.